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released June 24, 2010

The new album from Four Quartets coming soon.
Four Quartets.



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Track Name: A Long Way Down
A Long Way Down

Following the beat of an idiot drum I came to the dock
Tired and alarmed as my footprints diminished in the mud
And at twelve o’clock all the streetlights hummed an arriette to me
Keeping in time with the sound of my footsteps, on the beat

I staged a comedy underneath the skeleton trees
Talking to myself
I sang your eulogy as I kicked the carpet of leaves into something else

You try to take a form to feel meaningful and parody the fool
Misunderstanding will undo the ego of us all
The pulse in my head needs a metronome - it’s a long way down
If all of these patterns amount to a picture of doubt

Disassemble the clocks and leave the greeting cards forgot in a draw somewhere
Let blackguards steal the game. A show of hands determine my fate with condolences
From here to where?

You'll never get enough
You'll never get enough
If you carry on like this
Spinning into the abyss
You’ll never get enough
You’ll never get enough
Tired of pissing into the wind?
You don’t have to end to begin again

I had a dream I was in an electrical storm with nowhere to hide
It all disappeared with your words in the morning from my side
Track Name: Light Bulb
Light Bulb

The love of a moth
A 60-Watt life support
Short-circuited everything
And cut me off
From the mezzanine
I heard your beating wings
But when I looked up to understand
I couldn’t see anything

But I won’t care anymore. Whatever.
I’m drawn to the light regardless of
All the warning signs. Oh well!

Hopping the waves
Tomorrow to yesterday
It seems my future in my past
The present dissolves away
A wasp in a jar
Been trailing the blind too far
And cold comfort is where it leads
Deceived by a northern star

Like a promise you can’t keep at all
I’m drawn to the light regardless of
All the warning signs. Oh well!
So now I don’t hesitate
To rap on your door
Because the lines on face
Say I’ve been here before
You’ll tire yourself to death with
All my mess if you don’t give it a rest